Citroën Lacoste

Two names, Citroën and Lacoste have a common vision: challenge, creativity, and reach the best.

CITROËN LACOSTE CONCEPT has been formed with the coming together of these values.

A through his lifestyle, is an emblem of the same posture and mindset this vehicle is a clear reference to the world of entertainment and pleasure. In fact, a simplified approach of the car, not forgetting the indispensable towards fastidiousness and privileged existence in this way to provide access to irresistible freshness and lightness.

Typically stays with determination as a Lacoste, but essentially keeps the citroen, which is situated in the center of the automobile world,in this regard fashion and sport continues to be directed to a different world.

Technology and it is also the apparent contradiction between the lightness of tone and conceptual mastery that emphasizes language adds to the game. The technology used in the interior of the vehicle gives it a playful style and the lightness of this color is sure to be contrary to the design skill. Excessive splendor and full of life with style, both technological and innovative CITROËN LACOSTE CONCEPT, It will convert for all the passengers a unique experience ride and sensory adventure will be unique.

At the same time pure, simple, comfortable and sophisticated, CITROËN LACOSTE CONCEPT sometimes mess in the car world that has raged ever want to put an end to the dictate of a vehicle that tomorrow is taking a new step in the determination of the vehicle. This means that the main idea of CITROËN especially with a style that adds value can be achieved extraordinary sensations to create models based on the virtuous and ambitious thoughts are fed.

Eliminate prejudices about small cars your mind, the CITROËN LACOSTE CONCEPT offers plenty of other ways to express himself. This means that in the comfort of a stylish elegant simplicity at first glance reveals.

This portfolio features the official press kit images of the Citroën Lacoste concept-car, presented at Paris Motorshow ’10.

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  • Date : September 2010
  • Art Direction : Laurent Nivalle
  • Creation : Charles-Antoine de Beaumont